"I sing my mind freely"

Nóri Kovács and her Motiva band are available to give concerts


Nóri not only sings, carefully preserving the authentic and rustic character of her folk songs but also creatively adapts the songs to the framework of today’s popular music culture.


The highlight of the performances are the different, cheerful, pulsating rhythms and the thought provoking, relaxing, lyrical folk songs which create an irresistible desire in the audience to dance along to the music.


Nóri has gathered together a team of professional musicians. In the production named Motivathe distinctive folk sounds are produced by the flute and violin and the desired musical package is completed using the guitar, base guitar and other modern electronic instruments. They also cover folk songs from their own collection, the most famous of which is the song “Love, Love” performed together with a native Transylvanian singer.


The Motiva is an exceptional performance and extremely popular. The video clips on the internet have been viewed by thousands of people. The radio and TV channels are constantly playing the songs. Having won over their home fans, they have taken their concerts to an international level by performing in more than twenty other countries. Many messages of support have been received from fans, speaking very highly of the concerts and encouraging the band to continue to produce such excellent material.


The performance of the Motiva touches all age-groups. In the music, young people discover sounds their hearts cherish, just like their parents and grandparents, who were familiar with the original songs and now welcome the new versions that are updated and enhanced by a more modern musical style.


Relevant video: Nóri Kovács and the Motiva - official video material


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Nóri Kovács and the FelVonó band are available to give folk music concerts as well as the Táncház (Dance House – Hungarian folk dance event)

Nóri Kovács and the FelVonó band have been working together for several years.


They perform authentic Hungarian folk music with stringed instruments (violin, viola, double bass).

Many Transylvanian folk songs which they have collected themselves are included.

 During the hour long performance, various landscapes of Hungary and Transylvania are virtually explored. These provide a high quality and entertaining experience of the instrumental and vocal melodies which can be found in a variety of different regions.

At the end of the concert the group can perform a Dance House program which lasts for either 30 minutes or 1 hour (as required). The atmosphere is really thrilling and a qualified dance teacher is present to teach the audience the different dances.


Relevant video:

Bride-farewell from Mákó,    My eyes are crying – folksongs from Magyarszovát,    Dances from Feketelak


Technical requirements:

2 microphones for singing

3 microphones for the instruments (including one for the double bass)

5 monitor boxes with separeted monitor cable connections


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